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The Joanie Bernard Foundation supports groups, organizations and projects that advance its vision of life and love for every cat. Those committed to our mission are encouraged to submit a letter of inquiry. For funding consideration, please read through the minimum eligibility requirements below.

To be eligible for funding consideration, an organization must:

  • Have a sincere interest in serving feline welfare
  • Be a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Submit a current IRS Form 990
  • Have an annual revenue above $200,000 or total assets of $500,000 or more
  • Be located within 100 miles of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Have a physical location and agree to an on-site visit

    Organization Information

    Applicant organization:


    Mailing address:

    Executive director:


    Email address:



    Project director (if different):

    Phone number:

    Email address:

    Fax number:

    Title (if different):


    Tax status (Check One)



    Legal name per IRS determination:

    Tax ID#

    Date of IRS letter:

    Organization's Mission

    Brief statement of organization's objectives and/or activities:

    Annual operating budget:


    Summary of Request

    Date of inquiry:

    Project/program title:

    Total project/program budget:

    Amount requested:

    Describe use of funds requested: (i.e. staff costs, consultant fees, materials, etc.):

    Timeframe for amount requested:



    Project/Program Summary

    Summary of project/program (description suitable to be shared with Foundation staff, board and/or donors), 150 words or less:

    Identify who will be served by this project/program:

    Provide one or more measurable outcomes you expect to achieve. Be specific:

    Please list other support you are seeking from other foundations or government agencies, as well as any partnerships with other nonprofits on this project:


    Is there any other information the Foundation might need to better understand your request and/or the unique needs of the community that these funds will serve?