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Our Movement

When the Joanie Bernard Foundation began in Cincinnati, Ohio, the city’s live-release rate of shelter cats was an unsettling 37%. That means only one out of three cats that entered a shelter would survive to be adopted. To help prevent more cat lives lost due to euthanasia, the foundation founded the Give Them Ten™ Movement.

While it’s said cats have nine lives, the idea behind the movement was to give them ten. Cats can get an extra chance in life if they are spayed or neutered.

With a goal to create a better world for cats, Give Them Ten set out to educate the public on the many benefits of spaying and neutering, fostering, adoption and helping community cats. Since the movement began, Cincinnati’s live-release rate has vastly improved and is now over 97%.

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Scooter is the original cool cat of the Give Them Ten™ Movement. He showed the world that we can make a positive difference without showing cats in cages with sad music. Check out some of his work.